any help will be greatly appreciated.

i am a 72 year old retired new york city police officer . 
i seek a long term rental beginning february 1st or very soon afterward. my budget, however, is a maximum of $450us per month.  i am also seeking e employment.  i have excellent people and phone skills, and strong background in both security and sales as i have worked in both, including real estate. i am smart, loyal and ready to work as soon as i get there.
there is one very important issue: as i wrote above i am a retired new york city police officer. due to an injury i incurred in the line of duty, i was shot in the face and lost my left eye, my medical alert service dog always accompanies me.  her name is fat face.  she is a licensed, insured and fully vaccinated 13 lb.  immaculate, hypoallergenic and non-shedding white mixed breed.   fat face is of course also very well behaved and extremely friendly.  i have rented all across the d.r. over the past 20 years, including in your neighborhood many times, which i have grown to love, and fatty has always been welcome.  if you can find rentals for me to look at that fit my budget, and where fatty is welcome, please contact me.  also, any employment opportunities will be greatly appreciated.

thanks everyone, see you all soon,
raymond sitra

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My mother and I are also moving down hopefully March or Feb. we have a lot of rapping up to do here in Canada. My mother is also retired so I would be interested to know what you find as far as living goes for your budget. Also I was thinking of teaching English myself or working in a call center but the pay is very low. Thankfully so is the cost of living so I'm willing to take the pay cut for me and my mother to have a better life! We are still not sure what area we will live but we we'd thinking Punta Cana.

North DR is the best Sosua Puerto Plata Nugua etc.

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