Import motorcycle or long term stay on Carnet de Passage?

Am looking to move to Bali for a couple of years with the family - have another thread open on this (thanks for all the good advice).

I have an old, well-used motorcycle of negligible monetary but great sentimental value that I would consider bringing with me if it is viable, would prefer that to buying a scooter or 250cc

I've read a couple of threads which make importing sound problematic but was wondering if anyone had any experience keeping a vehicle in Indo for a couple of years on a Carnet de Passage then re-exporting it?

I spent 2 months travelling on the bike through Indonesia using a Carnet de Passage as part of a longer trip from the UK to NZ and had no issues with that but not sure if that can be done for a longer duration...

Also my son & I go dirt-biking together here - is there any dirt-biking scene happening in Bali?


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