Wheel chair transportation vehical

My understanding is that transport for people in wheel chairs is difficult or impossible to find in HCM. Note, I am not talking about regular wheel chairs where the patient is placed in a car seat and the wheel chair is folded up and put in the trunk. I am talking about a vehicle that carries the patient in their specialized wheel chair while loading the patient while sitting in the wheel chair.

My expectation is that I will have to buy a van and modify it to do this. If this is in fact true, would this be registered as a patient transport, ambulance, truck or automobile? I'm thinking of buying a Suzuki Van/truck.

Note, either a streatcher or a normal wheel chair is very painful for my wife. The only  reasonably comfortable way for her to go to the hospital is if I push her in her special wheel chair. That is why we live a 7 minute wheel chair push from the hospital. Her wheel chair is a more or less simplified and miniture hospital bed on wheels that is sbstantually reduced in size and weight from a regular hospital bed. It was made in Japan where these sort of "comfort" issues involved are more common. Also, due to the size and shape of the wheel chair, I don't know if a regular wheel chair van with lift would work. I would plan on using a rear door ramp and floor anchors.

Also note, my VN/ASEAN DL is Class A1,B1 and for non comercial driving I am legal to 9 passengers or a 3500kg truck.

Thank you

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