Company forcing my daughter to stay. No final exit visa yet!?

Can you please help what to do with my daughter final exit visa in saudi arabia. Her contract has already ended last oct 25 ,2016.

The company shes working with as a nurse told her many excuses like waiting for the new MOL laws to be implemented and i believed it was already done last month.

I am really worried and dont know why the company is trying to force her to stay.

Please help. Any suggetions is welcome.

Shouldn't you take up your inquiry to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)?  One of their responsibilities is to provide legal assistance.  Make sure you provide them with as much documentation as possible regarding her employment...and employer, as well any  documented communications (e-mails, letters) from your daughter, etc, regarding her situation.  See what happens then.  POEA comes under Department of Labor.  Hope you can get help from POEA (President Duterte promised so..).

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