Hello All,

      My name is Chelsea and I was born and raised in the US. I have visited multiple countries on family vacation when I was younger and always dreamed of living abroad one day. After our visit to Scotland I knew that's where I wanted to return to more than any of the others! The people, the sights,  and the atmosphere are all what drawl me back to Scotland. I had initially wanted to live in Edinburgh but as I have done more research Aberdeen looks even more appealing. But to be honest as long as I get to Scotland or anywhere else in the UK for that matter I would be happy!! :)
       I honestly need all the helpful tips I can get, I find it seems a little daunting with all the requirements and VISA approvals and such. I need to find work over there in order to ensure my daughter and I live comfortably and are able to get the most out of our experience. I currently works as a Title Closer (Which means I research and prepare all the documentation  needed to give clear title for purchasing a house. And then I conduct the closings and fund the purchases. My job- in a nutshell to give you an example of my work experience among others) in a Real Estate office and have other experience working in Fraud Management for other financial institutions. I also have a background in working in Special Education and I am fluent in Sign Language.
    If anyone has some friendly advice, leads, or connections please feel free to reach out. I am open to all the help I can get.  :)

Thank you in advance!!
- Chelsea

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