Wish to move to chch to join my hubby which a kiwi man

I’m Marni Indonesian women married with Kiwi man, got married paper from Internal Affairs CHCH Jun 21 2015. Curently I still live in Indonesia but will move to NZ as soon as posible to join my husband.
My career has led me to specialize increasingly in sales and marketing specialist in a manufacture Company which produce and sales medical devices products such as Latex condoms, disposable syringe, needle, infusion sets, IV Catheter, Urine bag, blood bag,  etc.
My experience in sales and marketing  has been running since the year 2008 until now,

Supervisior Of QC Departement     Oct 1986 – Sept 1996
Head of QA , QC and R&D Departement     Oct 1996 – Sept 2001
Head Of Commercial Departement     Oct 2001 – Sept 2007
Head Of Marketing Departement    Oct 2007 – Present

Is that all can be easier way to to get visa not just a visitor visa i hope and also I wish for a job for sure

Marni Ford

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