Help please for "permanência com base em união estável"

Hello I'm new to this forum and website but here are some very good informations about brazil etc.

My partner and me did the uniao estavel here in Sao Paulo and have all the documents ready for the Federal police only one we are not sure yet.

It took us about 2 months to get all the documents ready and finally I want to apply for my permanencia but I'm afraid of this one "Prova de meio de vida e de capacidade financeira do chamante para sustentar o chamado". We don't know what they exactly want.

We went for two months to the federal police in Lapa Sao Paulo and they told us to proof income or like a decore. The problem we have I'm self employed in Germany and have all my money and bank accounts there also my partner don't has a job because he start to study again. But he has rent of two houses and his the owner of his own flat in Sao Paulo and got some good savings in his bank too. He never did also a decore before and he is a bit afraid to do it right now.

What is the best to do in our case? If somebody could help us would be really great and I would be very thankful.

I also heard that sometimes they even don't ask anymore for this specific document.

Thank you if somebody has some advises.....

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