How do you find your job??

Hello Everyone,

Going through the jobs section and reading the advices you guys post on the forum, i understand it would be best to come to Dubai first and then look for a job.
So when in Dubai, how do you find your jobs? Through networking events? Or by applying to jobs on the internet? Do you visit companies? What do you do?

I'm looking for a job, preferably in my own field, but I'm open to new experiences as well.
- I have 2 masters, one in Psychology and one in Education
- worked as a childpsychologist in a Mental Healthcare Centre in the Netherlands for 2 years
- worked as a primary schoolteacher/SEN teacher for over 10 years 
- certified in psycho-diagnostic testing and psychological online treatment (children & adults)

When talking to people, what I mostly hear is that it shouldn't be too hard for me to find a job in Dubai. But what i experienced is that its less easy then expected. So thats why I thought I'd post here and maybe get some good advices or suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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