Looking for my old Au pair!

Hi my name is Stephen Harrison. I have two younger brothers, Mark and Terry.

I was born in 1961 and my brother Mark was born in 1963.

My mother, Barbara Harrison, now 80 was married to my father, Harold. He died 20 years ago.

When I was 5, (1966) we had a wonderful au pair, Ada who lived with us in Oakwood, London for two years. Firstly we all lived in Grosvenor Gardens, then Prince George Avenue.

Ada came from Milano. Her parents lived, my mother believed, at 78 Via Porpora, Milano. Her single name was Ada Pavani.

Ada married Renato, not sure of the actual year, nor his surname and named her son after me and my brother. He was called Stefano Marco!

Sadly, Ada's husband died shortly after Stefano was born. So Ada, presumably would have been about 30 at the time.

My mother has always tried to keep in touch, but sadly, many years back they have lost contact.

Ada must be in her late 60's now.

I appreciate that this is such a long shot, but not being able to read/write/speak Italian, this forum is our only option.

I thank you all for reading this and if anyone has any information, no matter how remote, please leave any feedback.

Kind regards

Stephen Harrison

Hi Stephen,

Welcome on board  :)

Along with this post, i suggest you drop an advert in the Milan classifieds under the Testimonies section so that it lasts longer on the website. If someone has any information, he/she will be able to contact you directly.

All the very best,

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