Place for Jog in Riyadh & Running Mates(Preferrably Female)

Hello there everyone! I'm planning to start to get fit and I am considering running/jogging as a starting activity,but since I am a female and I'm not that familiar with the places here..I wan't to know if is there's a place for jogging for women here in Riyadh? (Without wearing abaya ofcourse) And anyone here also who shares the same can message me...lets be running buddies and get fit! 😁

Hi kourtK,

It depends in which area of Riyadh you living ?

For downtown ( ALmalaz Dis) there is ALmalaz stadium which is huge one .. already  for men but I'm not sure about women !!
Cheers can run abaya free.

Good luck Kourt,

Running is no where as near popular as back home; mind you the weather is prohibitive for a lot of the year so a lot of people do power walking instead, or Treadmill running which i do a lot of.  There are female gyms and treadmill running could be an option.  Just one tip after years of running; if you use a treadmill have the gradient on +1.0-+1.5. As this simulates running better. on a flat gradient you are lifting your legs as the ground travels beneath you. With a small gradient you are using the same muscles as in outdoor running as you have to "push-off" as opposed to lift. Just to dispel any myths treadmill running is of equal aerobic value as long as your heart rate is in your training range. Of course I know we all miss a good outdoor run in the fresh air.

I advertised for a male running partner or any running clubs in Jeddah in the Sports-Partners section in the classifieds - no response yet  :(  .

Like I say good luck in your quest as i honestly believe running forms the basis of all fitness activities.


There is a nice walking area around king Saudi University in King Abdullah Road , lots of ladies walk there but offcourse wearing Abayas. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Hey kourtK

I'm in Riyad too and matters aren't going good with me concerning sporting.
It's not really easy especially for a lady to find a place to jog freely and abaya-less-ly :)
but you can go and hit the gym.
you'll probably find some specific days for ladies,

cheers :)

Hello there is in the new neighborhoods under construction


For anyone male or female of any ability and to meet people with the same interests register with the Riyadh Road Runners. they meet every other weekend during the winter they organise a race at different compounds around the city. You don't have to run the full distance of the race but it is a good incentive. You will then meet others that train in different compound and in the DQ that you will be able to go with.

Anyone know of any similar clubs/running groups in Jeddah?

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