How to end an aupair contract?

Hello everyone.

Anyone can help me pleaseee? 😀😀😀

This is my case: i was an aupair before and before my aupair contract end on dec.2016 me and my norwegian husband got married sept.30.2016. My question is : do i have to send documents in skatteetaten telling that i end my aupair contract already. I am afraid that i still have to pay aupair tax even i am not an aupair anymore. What will be the legal action i need to do for me to not pay the aupair  tax by the month of october,november and december. By the way i came from philippines 😀❤️

Thanks alot 😀 hoping that someone can help me 😀😄 godbless everyone.

the people at skatteetaten are super friendly and helpful IME. Call them up, explain your situation and they should be able to help with the correct paperwork.

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