Leaving/Re-Entering France on a Long-Stay Visa (Spouse)

Hi there,

My French partner and I are getting married in about 2 months in France. I am American. We are getting married in France because we want to live there. I have been unable to find much information regarding leaving and re-entering France while I am living there on the one year long-stay visa/residency card. I have found one link that says that I can travel outside France, and within the Schengan Zone for a maximum of 3 months, but it does not specify if I am allowed to leave Europe and for how long of a duration I can leave for (source:

Basically I would like the option to be in the USA for 6 months of this year, and in 3 of those months, he would be joining me in the US.

My fiancee believes the answer lies in finding out what breaks the "communaute de vie" agreement of marriage. How much time is allowed for you to be apart in order to breaking your marriage contract? Or other insights on this "communaute de vie" concept are welcome.

Thanks for any advice.

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