Change of Profession on Iqama

Hi, I'm Aaqib and I recently joined a company in Riyadh as a Logistics Manager. However, I was asked to come on a labor visa and later get the profession changed here.

My company hasn't denied it but they told that the profession Logistics Manager isn't listed on the available profession list, so we're applying your profession as a Land Transport Manager. But they also told me that the Saudi Government is making a lot of changes; and they might reserve all logistics related managerial professions to Saudi nationals only, which sounded absurd to me and I told them to apply for the Land Transport Manager.

What's your take on this? Did I have any other choice? Also want to know how much seriously does Jawazat/Labour Ministry take when it comes to matching profession with your degree? Do they consider past work experience or not? I've got a Bachelors of Commerce degree and a Diploma in Logistics and Transport.

Lastly, do they care about if there is a spelling difference in your name on the degree and passport/Iqama? It's the most concerning point for me at the moment :/

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