i will come to Philippines!

i will come to philippines for my IT company
we make mobile apps, websites and develop softwares for asia-pacific countries(mostly indonesia, singapore and china)

i need content creators for websites and office assistants for general stuffs, if you interest and graduated from college, please send message me

and i really wanna have new friends in this countr... preferably from Manila but other cities can be too

Hey, welcome here in the Philippines!

I'm currently working in a start up tech company based in Silicon Valley, and working remotely here in Manila. Can you tell me more about what you need? And also, I could help you get around here in the country. You may contact me thru: jococalimlim[at]


Welcome in advance here in the Philippines. I hope you have a great time here. :)


If you need service like rental or transfer let me know, we have a travel agency and we are top rated in TripAdvisor. we also offered Packages Tour.

Thank You

Cloue Araneta

i think to rent a flat, can you help me for this?

Where in Manila will you be assigned?

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I can also help you with the team for your IT business.

makati city

give me your face with private message, we can contact ...  thanks)

I already change my picture. I have private message you.

friendlypropertyfinder :



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Best wishes,


I see.I am just new to this site. Please disregard my message if it is not permitted. My apologies.

friendlypropertyfinder :

I see.I am just new to this site. Please disregard my message if it is not permitted. My apologies.

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Hello welcome!

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Do you still need assistance in this matter? Maybe I could refer you the broker who found us our unit. :)

time will show to me=) .. but we can have contact, please write me from private message

Welcome to the Philippines! Hope you are enjoying your stay!:)

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