retired and loving it

hi everyone :)
i am a 65 year old retired project manager. i worked for JPMorgan Chase and opted to retired in 1995 rather than  be relocated to Ohio. looking for nature, peace, quite, diversity and  community i moved to a small town located in Williamsburg MA. i would like to move to PEI but i don't fall into any of the acceptable categories for permanent residency. i have a permanent monthly income and enough saved income for discretionary spending and to support myself but not enough for an investment of 150000 necessary for investor class provincial express. I am willing to pay for international health care insurance because I know free health care is available only to citizens. other than the 6 months allowed for US citizens to visit i don't see any other options. I am coming next month to visit and look for a house any info you can offer regarding residency and island living would be helpful
thanks :cheers:

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