Research project: Indonesians in Malaysia

Hi everyone,

My name is Chi Wing Man, I am a 22 year old Dutch born Chinese. Currently studying International Business and Management Studies at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen.

I got to KL through the Malaysian Dutch Business Council for a short term internship of about 5 months.  Right now,I have been here for almost 2 weeks and I am absolutely loving it! Love the cuisine, the diversity and so far most people have been really friendly and open to conversations.

As for my internship, I have been assigned to a research project and need to conduct surveys among Indonesians in Malaysia with regards to their remittance behaviour and their connectivity to the world e.g. internet usage and so on.

My question: Would any one know where to locate the Indonesians in KL and how to approach them? Do they have a hot spot where the Indonesian community meets or a particular area that is populated by Indonesians?  And finally, if anyone here knows any companies that employ Indonesian workers?

I have contacted a few big names such as Felda Global and Sime Darby that have published that they employ foreign labour. But have yet to reply to me and doubt that they will from what I hear.

My apologies for the long post and the amount of questions.  I am a bit stuck and would be very thankful if anyone on the forum could give me a few tips on where I should start looking.

Thank you in advance!

With gratitude,

Chi Wing Man

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