I wish to enter into the usa under the U visa status

I have a home in Arizona.
currently on a b1/b2
Sadly I was on the receiving end of a serious felony.
I would like to apply for my U visa status and have left the supplement B with head of the Maricopa District Attorneys office.
I understand that without this being signed I cant actually apply for the U visa.
the attorneys office, local judge and county sheriffs department seem nervous about signing the paper.

having read the documents supplied by me from homeland security. I fit within the categories and status. but yet the options of people prepared to certify that I was a victim is dwindling.

why wont they sign. they are not committed to any legal problems. 
and the final decision is up to immigration.
the crime happened. I have given information to the authorities. I am still helping bringing the guy to justice.

its nerve racking

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