Civil wedding in Philippines with Belgian. Requirements?

I'm stressed! and clueless about the requirements for a civil wedding . Thanks advance for the information you can share with me :) my partners is a belgian guy

hi Geee27 you will need a clearance to marry from your embassy in manila first

What clearance do i need?

@ Geee27,

Your profile reads that you are already married.  You say under your profile:

"I am a female.
I am married. I am self-employed"

SInce you state that you are married and you are here in the Philippines, most reasonable people would assume you are familiar with your own country's offices for records (i.e., NSO).  Additionally, there is an assumption that you at least understand such terms as "annulment" here in the PI.  So, it is hard to seriously process your request for help with the above details in your profile.

Nonetheless, you may get more help if your question is further clarified by such details as how/when you intend to resolve your current marriage, where you intend to get re-married (Province & City), by judge or clergy (his religion vs. yours) and in what type of building (Church or public office if married here in the PI). 

If you have already met in person and what his country requires for it's citizens to marry abroad.  Have you asks him about the details on his country's requirements for marriage in the Philippines?

Hello Geee27 :cheers:

I suggest you to browse through threads talking about marriage between filipinas and foreigners below, to gather some informations to help you in your process:

> Formalities and procedures in the Philippines


I'm not yet married soon we will be married with my belgian fiancee.

hi ,i am belgian and maried to a filipina here in the Philippines,
he needs :birth certificate,certificate of no inpedement of maridge ,the bithcertificate he gets in belgium the certificate of no inpedement he gets in the belgium embassy in Manila ,if he has been maried before he wil need act of divorce to
all acts need to be officialised in the embasy (i had all my papers with me and officialised all redy by the filipines consul in belgium)
if he plans to stay and live here with you he wil also need act of residence in belgium and model 8 bewijs van afvoering ,these to need to be officialised this wil alow him to get inroled in the embassy register ,i advise to do so as they can explain in the embassy.
if he is still in belgium i advise him to go to the filipino consul in belgium , there he wil be advised on the papers he need and can let all the papers officialised ,so he wil only need to go to the embassy with you and get the last paper ,also he will be advised by the consul on what papers you will need so wen he arives you will both be redy to make the jump haha

greets Dirk

Thanks for the information , he will not yet stay here that's why I'm also worried if how many days will its take for the approval of our marriage. Its both our first marriage.

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