moving to malta- Importing my old car + find a long time rent

I,am a retired on stats retirement and I,am 41 yaers old male.My ex-occupation (toolmaker\grafik-desige\CNC opratør)
I,am moving to malta in April\May 2017. I will drive to malta in my custom car. Because I want to import my car into malta from my country Denmark. I have owed the 25years old car in 10 years.
I,am locking for a property to rent for long renting. Furnished 2-3 bedrooms modent property price 400-700€.

Hello Lenny41 and welcome on board

To find a nice rental, you may want to check out adverts in our housing in Malta section of the site.

To gather information about importing your car, I suggest you to browse through threads talking about the topic here :

> Cars Malta, Transportation in Malta


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