Cost of living in Toronto

I am planning to move to Toronto. I currently live in Brisbane Australia. I have got a job offer from University of Toronto. I realized that Toronto is one of the most expensive cities to live. So before I move, I am bit concern about the cost of living. I will be moving with my wife so we are a family of 2.
My monthly salary would be 4k and about 3.5k after tax. I am not sure whether this salary is enough to live a good and a comfortable life in Toronto.
My wife has been working as an admin officer in Australia for last 3 years. How is it to find an admin job in Canada?
Can anyone please give me some rough estimation of monthly cost of living and the possibility of finding an admin job in Toronto?
You help would be really helpful to make a final decision.

Thank you all,

Hi Prahlad,

Which UoT campus would be based in? If you are right smack in downtown then I suppose it's probably wise that you look at living close by. Doesn't make sense to commute 2 hrs each way back and forth every day from the burbs like Mississauga. Furthermore there's lots of apartments nearby subway stations / tramp stops in the downtown area.

For cost of living estimates, use the website

It's just any major cities. Rental is pretty standard- you might some reasonable ones in downtown. But buying a property is probably out of the question. Property prices in Toronto are the 2nd highest after Vancouver.

The other high cost to consider is daycare. It average btw 900 to 1000 over / mth per child. Plus it's not easy to find one that have a spot. If you have 2 kids and can afford it, sometimes, some folks have only one parent work until at least 1 kid starts schooling.

Healthcare, although free is hard to get due to the long waits. Something to think about.

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