Criminal record? American looking for a second chance elsewhere

If you have a felony in USA, life is basically ruined. Practically no one will let me rent a decent place to live, hire me for anything other than a dead end job, and recently the accounting program I was gearing up to transfer into said I wouldn't be accepted. The argument I try to make to employers/landlords/etc is this: First, my record isn't sexual/violent/drug related. Secondly, my criminal record reflects the behavior of freshly 18 year old me... NOT how I've been living ever since (I'm almost 27). What's been heart breaking is practically no one will disagree with me when I point that out, but never amounts to anything other than someone feeling sorry for me. I'm currently talking to a lawyer to possibly solve my problem, but there's no guarantee life will be different. If these problems continue, my future could realistically be mowing lawns forever while living in bad parts of town.

Finishing college is my current goal, but leaving the US could be next. So... you think expatriating to Denmark would make sense? Is my record going to haunt me there too?

I come to think of an old TV series: Alias Smith and Jones. Same problem. They have to prove that they can live legally half a year before getting amnesty, but how can they get a job when they are still wanted?

You can read about the immigration rules here:

I shall not say whether it is realistic at all to think of coming to Denmark, but there are some catches:

You don't speak Danish, and you will be up against the native speakers. Do remember that the language spoken at the Danish companies is Danish with a very, very few exceptions. It means that you shall have some extraordinary skills (education and experience). You still miss to get your exam, and when passed, others at the same age, will already have experience. You will definitely be asked about the missing years on your CV, and a gap in the CV will call for explanations.

I cannot help thinking that you should go for an education as a craftsman of some kind, an education which will allow you to start your own business. I think this could be the best way out of this lock.

And I would also think (forgive my ignorance if I am not right) it was better to start in another state in the US where you can mingle in culturally, speak the language, have a closer access to your family and friends.

I wish you the very best, and I am sure that you will succeed as you have the will, even to go abroad to reach your goal.


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