Social Volleyball in Hoi An

Hey guys and gals, social Volleyball weather you have never played, or played years ago, or play all the time. Come join us for some fun. We will be playing and teaching anyone that has never played before the 20th of September at 3 pm. Not to worry about the heat, we found the perfect spot with lots of shade , and cool breeze.  Your focal point will be Dingo's , follow the road to Cau Dai Beach, when the road ends turn right down about a half a block, it will be on the left. Across the street is the big Hoi Resot. Now do not think your too old or out of shape, just come and socialize and have some fun. You must be at least 14 years old though.

Hi Sujoge,

You should post this event in the Events in Hoi An ;)

Thank you.

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