In Hangzhou in 2 months- about Shangchen area?

Hi Everyone

So this will be my first time in Hangzhou, relocating with work and looking forward to the experience. I was reading different blogs where as the public transport is not the best if you are looking to live across the river ie the likes of Binjiang. Is Shangchen a good area to rent?

I am looking at renting a 2 bedroom apt if its within a decent price location heating etc..

Hello, I am new in Hangzhou and also will be looking for an apartment.  I am currently in a service hotel, and there is hardly anyone who speaks English.   Where do the ex-pats live in Hangzhou?

Hi everyone,

Do not hesitate to have a look at the adverts in the Housing in Hangzhou section of the website or to add your own advert so that you may get some offers.

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