Real Estate Agent and Lawyer Recommendations Please

Hello All,

I have sadly left the DR now and am back in the UK. Now I know I will not be returning to Cabarete I have decided to sell my land. I am a bit out of touch with the rules and regulations of selling land in the DR so any advice would be gratefully received. I am also looking for recommendations for a Real Estate Agent and an English speaking Lawyer.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I used Guido, and he was good Lawyer

I can recommend  Jesus Garcia Tallaj in Sosua.  He is one of the best  lawyer regarding land and purchases on the north coast. His email: jgtallaj[at]

I second Guido's rec as well as Guzman and associated.  The Cabarete ReMax office should be able to help as well.

Where is  the property exactly?

Bob K

We have 2000sq metres of land is Isla Bon just outside Cabarete. We have also been informed via friends that are still in Cabarete that there are 'professional squatters' on the land. Has anyone had any dealings with this type of problem?

Thank you for the recommendation on the lawyers.

You will need a lawyer and $$$ to clear that one up.  It can be hard to evict squatters here.
Bob K

You are in a tough spot! Keep us posted.

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