Seeking the kindness of strangers

Hi everyone. I am from Malaysia. Recently my daughter lost her most favourite toy and is completely heartbroken. It was a small white tiger keychain that we bought from Tiger Kingdom in Phuket. Unfortunately we have no plans to visit Phuket anytime soon.

I have searched the internet and browsed every toyshop that we have come across but she didn't want any of them because (of course) they didn't look the same. It has been a week and she is so sad at every bedtime. I have also written to Tiger Kingdom but am still waiting for a reply.

Now I would like to ask for help from you: if you are living in Phuket, and if it is not too much trouble, could you perhaps have a look at the Tiger Kingdom gift shop to see if the white tiger keychain is still there? If you can post it to me and I can transfer the payment, I would be so very grateful. I would like to post a photo of the toy but I am not sure how to do it here in the forum.

Thank you.

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