Any mom or mom and dad groups out there?

Hello. My husband, son who is 14 months and myself, jut moved from Canada to Ha Noi yesterday. I are looking for mommies or parents that would like to have play dates and expand their friends network. Let me know if this is you :)
Thank you, Laura

I don't know any in Hanoi but there are FB groups for parents in VN & HCM. Search
- Parents in Vietnam
- Daddies & mummies in Saigon
- Saigon international families

Hi Laura !
I'm an English learner, but my wife speak well. We have a daughter who is just 8 months.
I very like playing football, if your husband likes playing football, i can introduce to some amatuer club of foreigner in Hanoi.
Happy to meet your family !
Regard !

Hello Rio.
My son and I would love to meet your wife and daughter. We live in the old quarter. Where do u live? My husband would like to play football!! :) Hope to meet you soon!

My home is about 5km from Old quarter. When do you have a freetime?
My wife alway free.

We could maybe meet later today if you guys want? Does your wife speak English? Are you and your wife free? What is your phone number? I will get my husband to call you and we can meet all together.

Dear Laura !
I have a new message to you !
Wish see you soon !

I'm not a mom, but a teen. My mom however, just realized that she is a talented babysitter.
If you ever need an English-speaking babysitter, she'd be a great choice.
We are Vietnamese but are also international travelers, we have lived in Singapore and the United States but this year we are back in Hanoi.

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