Where to find Coconut Crab in Port Moresby

Hello everyone and good morning.
I was wondering if you could help me with some information.

I have been helping a tourist who is wishing to work here in PNG in few years from now. He will be traveling in mid September to gather first hand information from the organisation he wish to work with here about life in PNG as well as working with them. Apart from this purpose of his journey, he told me he's interested in Coconut Crab. He asked if I could find out about that and whether or not it's possible to take the crabs alive when he return.

You know I don't know much about Port Moresby. I came here for my studies a year ago and just return to resume our classes. I have no idea where or how to locate Coconut Crabs in Port Moresby so I thought  maybe you guys can help me by giving direction to or at least some hints to this.

Please you can contact me here if you have any clue about this.

Thank you very much and have a great weekend.

Regards Issac...

Hi Isaac,
I am a local from Port Moresby. Our people know about coconut crab. Private mail me and I will share contact information and others.

Hello Dear,

You still willing to help with the information about coconut crabs from your area?
My friend is due to travel here on Sunday and will be leaving on Wednesday. Maybe you can help us sometimes on Monday or Tuesday?

If you couldn't help due to commitments please dont force yourself just let me know so I'll try seek others.


Bro can you help me out I do not know were  i can find coconut crab in port Moresby it would be good if u can help if u can then call me (xxx)..ta

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HI bro sorry I had a bad luck.
Didn't find any due to not so much help to locate Coconut Crabs here in POM.

Anyway I wish you the  best.


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