Funerals ceremony in Akka tribes north Laos

Hi there,

I am French, now based in London (UK), 24 years old girl and I spent some time in Laos in an Akka family in Phongsaly district in April 2015.

I really get attached to the family and I recently learned that the grandmother of the chief of the village died. I feel like I want to give an hand for the funerals so I have started asking questions about the ceremony.

Apparently they have to pay crazy money for the ceremony that require to buy 2-5 buffalos or cows and 10-15 pigs.
A friend of mine which is not related to this particular family told me that a buffalo costs around 15 millions Kip (around 1500 US$ :-O).
The granson has to endorse the debt and take care of the reimbursment and I am distraught by this hudge financial burden.

I'd like to first to verify this information with you guys and secondly I'd like to participate to the funerals because I really feel bound with the family.
But knowing the prices, I am feeling quite useless with the contribution I am ready to sent :'(

Many thanks for your comments and advice,


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