Extreme danger for anyone involved in drugs … war-drugs/

Manila. More than 1,900 people, or about 36 per day, have been killed in a violent campaign against drugs in the Philippines since President Rodrigo Duterte came to office seven weeks ago, the country's national police chief said on Tuesday (23/08).

Without the debate about rights and wrongs, avoid anything to do with illegal drugs or you might well die.

There is no let up in this action, the numbers killed hitting up to 3,000 depending on which report you read, then the many thousands who have handed themselves in for arrest since this started.

Forgetting the rights and wrongs, the advice remains clear; avoid anything to do with illegal drugs, anyone who looks dodgy in a drugs sort of way, and places that could be linked to drug use.

Evidence seems to be a minor concern, so stay well clear of anything that could leave you open to accusation.

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