Searching an apartment/house for rent in Montalto di Castro, Lazio

Hello! :)

I am Clara and currently living in Austria, my italian isnt very good for now, but i definitely make great progress and try my best to get fluent very soon.

So why am i here? I am searching for a cheap place to live with a rent from 350 to 400 Euro in one month in Montalto di Castro, preferably Pescia Romana. I really dont have high standards and i dont mind if the room/s are small.
I used to search through several italian sites but all i could find in this price range for this region were about three examples, i messaged them but after 5 days i still couldnt get a reply, while one told me that the apartment i had in mind was already taken and he just forgot to remove it from the site. I looked on this site again after these days and it is still not removed from any site he put it up, so i start to think that he just doesnt want to give his apartment away to foreigners?
I will be there again in about a month and until this date i have to set an appointment somehow, if this is possible.
I am not even sure if this is the right Forum to ask, but i really need help in this and if there is anyone here who might happen to know something which could help me, it is greatly appreciated! ^.-

Thank you so much! :)

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