Living in Spain - Health care

Brexit continues to create anxiety for many expats planning to move to Spain and other European countries. One of the regular issues that people write to me about is health care, and particularly for those under state retirement age. Although I don't have any more information about what will happen to health care in Spain after Brexit, I am concerned that many expats moving to Spain are being coerced into purchasing private health insurance when there really is no need.

It is not unreasonable for Spain to ensure that newly arrived expats have the means to support themselves when living in the country, and this requirement includes health care. Indeed, evidence of a health insurance policy, as well as a number of other criteria are now sensibly required before newly arrived expats are given residential status. However, it appears that many banks are now using this requirement as an opportunity to sell expensive health cover to their clients, instead of advising them of the cheaper alternatives that are available. Expat websites, magazines, estate agents, lawyers and other information sources for expats are also guilty of pushing private health insurance, simply because they receive a hefty commission for each sign up. Even some furniture stores, that are popular with expats, are now interrogating their customers about their health care provision... Continued on:

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