Fabio - Greetings and info

Hi all, glad to meet you and sorry for the delay!

My name is Fabio and I'm an Italian/European citizen that has been living in north Israel for more or less one year and half, currently as a tourist with unlimited work visa.

I moved to Israel mainly to live with my partner but contemporarily (although separately) I also got in touch with an high-tech startup (Open Source JVM/Java core technology area) from Tel Aviv (although then I didn't know they were Israelis too), I loved their project and their team and they liked me in return, so I started working with them (mostly remotely).
I'm looking for a new job right now but the time I spent there was immensely rewarding and helped me grow a lot.

I'm in love with this country and learning some more about it every day. My partner is an Israeli Jewish girl originally from Azerbaijan (of the caucasian sector) and I've been studying Hebrew on my own with her help (and her family's and friends) mostly since I've started living in Israel.
I can now manage everyday Hebrew, watch some series without using a dictionary all the time (I'm not a TV lover but I love good movies and series and I absolutely love "Shtisel", BTW) and slowly read slowly articles, blog posts, news and longer texts in general.
I haven't been able to attend an "Ulpan" because it's held in the morning where I live, so it was incompatible with my work schedule.
I managed to get to a decent level though, should you want to ask me for (or share) tips about self-study I'll be very glad to help.
I'm also interested knowing more about Judaism and Jewish culture.

I plan to learn more about other sectors of this incredibly complex and rich society, about their culture and their languages (mainly of the Russian-speaking and then the Arabic-speaking) as soon as my Hebrew level is (almost) comparable to my English one, or basically when I can mostly manage any Hebrew situation.

Hi Fabio,

Welcome on board and thank your for your introduction  :)

All the very best,

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