is 2300$ enough as HR Manager in erbil?

Dear My friends,,

I got an offer as an HR Manager in big group in erbil, they offered me as basic salary 2300$ plus accommodation, transportation, food, and medical.

is that salary enough as my designation? while i am search in salary pay scale in Iraq the hr manager got 45000$ annual as an average.

I am from Jordan, and i think is not fairly enough , i need your advice please.

i am a single person

thanks in advance


2300$ plus accommodation, transportation, food, and medical. if everything is covered you can save most of your salary.

Accommodation is expensive here.


Thnx a lot for your replied, but i am an expat. not local, and i think such salary must give to local candidates not expat. i have 9 yrs of exp. in hr field, and the company i will work with in oil and gas services, and don`t forget they work there is unsafe, and it`s expensive there.

Yes, agree with you the rate is less as per your experience and job requirement.

This amount of money is not enough for expat.

i am not agree with roger i thing this money will be more than enough

Ammer, ture it is enough for local, but for expat is nothing,. if you have expat friends you should ask them, most of the expats are talking more than 5000 to 10000 $, I mean the expats which are working in international organizations and oil companies in Erbil. But this not including Banglaishyan, Indian, Athubian labors and other nations. Because the cost of life style in their counties are very low.
But the important things, you should compare your salary with your country life style and salary situation, then decide it is cover or not. You should know, expats are coming for backup some money too.

roger maybe u r right cause i dont have much expat friends but i dont think every person want porsch lifestyle
     2300$ much enough for middle class

Dear Ameer, as I said it is depends on expat country life style, for example if you come from middle east or west east it is different when you come from Europe or US, for Indian, Bangladesh and some of Arabic countries 2300$ is more than enough, but for European, US and some Arabic countries it is not enough.
The conclusion is, when you get job offer from outside, you should calculate your demand and expenses and how much you gain and collect in the end, then you should decide.

thanks roger, agreed

dear naser ,
single expenses around 1000 usd ( less or more depends on lifestyle )
if you are with family expect to spend more 1400 without school fees .
the salary is a little bit above locals and not exceptional .
saving will be around 1000 usd monthly , also note the city is expensive , malls , rest.

contact me for further details


It depends on the condition of being an expat; if you come from western countries (US, Canada) or Europe (UK, Netherland, Italy, etc.) or from Australia, Japan, etc. $2300 is not enough as the cost of living in your country of origin is expensive (how could you live $2300 a month in US or Australia? let alone if you have a family?

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