Hi All,

I've been very much trying to avoid posting something here around this topic, but I find myself unable to find the information elsewhere online. I'm currently looking at relocating to Gib, for various reasons, however my largest hurdle to find answers to at present is my medical status.

I'm a transguy, and although this isn't something I declare, it is something I have to consider when moving and travelling. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of anyone/services that may be able to answer some questions for me around this topic?
- Is it safe/accepted to be Trans in Gib? I'm not planning to be "out" as so to speak, but I see the legal side is still a slightly contentious issue.
- How does the healthcare system work for such things? I currently live in the UK, and pay for private treatment while I sit on an NHS waiting list for things. I don't necessarily look for a free ride, just the ability to continue treatment.
- As above, even if I have to pay, is hormone therapy available out there? I wouldn't want to risk losing it.

I realise this is quite a specialist topic, but just looking for a point in the right direction of someone who might know.

Many thanks,

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