South Africans for a TV show called CO.ZA VIA TV

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I am working as the researcher for A TV programme  called CO.ZA
We are looking for South Africans who are expats and who's language Is Afrikaans.  We need people who would like to tell their story. The story about how they are getting on in their new Country, In this case China. What we do is have a skype conversation. We ask questions like What work do you do, if you miss south Africa. Why you like China. Why you are there and if you ever get a chance to speak to other Afrikaners in Afrikaans, then you send us some photos of your activities and area / village that you live in.  This all get edited in Cape town.  We have interviewed expats from all over the world, with great success. This is a family show . So if you feel like being part of the show please email me to get onto the show at kathleenklass[at]  All the very best Kathleen Elizabeth klass

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