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Hi everyone! Just want to say thank you for the helpful information in these forums and am looking forward to visiting soon and looking to make DR my
home. I am looking to find affordable housing, a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment or condo near Cabarete not to exceed $500 US. I appreciate any info and do not plan on having a car so am hoping to find walking distance to the beach and local markets.

Welcome to the forums and we are always glad when we can help!

Welcome to the forum.   Lots of information here for you to read.

Have you been here before?

Your best bet is to come down for a month and look around to see what works for you.

Bob K

I haven't ever been there just seen it on tv, am planning a visit next month

Living here is a lot different then what you see on the tourist ads and shows on TV.

Before you make any final decisions you need to spend a month or two here living "off the resort" to see what living here is all about and if it "fits" you.

Bob K

We understand!  We lived in Costa Rica 10 years ago, so we know the difference in lifestyle.  We are ready for a relaxing retirement now.

I can do this! I am so excited to move here!

Yes you can, of course you can! The best way to find a place to rent -  boots on the ground. Rent tourism accommodation, go to Air BnB and rent something for a couple weeks. When you get here start looking and asking around. Then you walk the neighborhoods and areas, looking for signs saying for rent! 

That is how its done here most of the time.

Thank you!

There are lots of places available but as Planner said your best bet is to find a place online to spend a week or so and then start walking the neighborhoods.

Bob K

Transportation is basically cheap here. You can live a few miles from the beach and arrive there in a carro publico for less than a dollar in 10 minutes or so. Check out www.suncampdr for places for rent for $200.00 monthly and up. She has everything from a room with the bathroom and kitchen down the hall to 3 and even one 4 bedroom apartment.  This is almost to Puerto Plata which is $50 pesos from Cabarete at 45.5 pesos to the US dollar. In the aforementioned carro publico.  They put up to 8 people in one old Toyota Corolla and take you from one city to the next!  Or a van made for 8 people they put a dozen in and go They call that a guagua, without a/c usually.

DingoElGringo great info on transportation.

As to suncamp dr. she said Cabarete.  This is  35 minutes or more away and it is not near the beach!

I will need to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in higuey for as cheap as possible in March 2017. Help.

Sorry don't live in that area.  Maybe some of our Punta Cana members can give you some ideas.

Bob K

And there are lots of cheap options there,  just not many of them I would be willing to live in. You need to be there to find something inexpensive that you would want to live in.

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