Checking account?

I have been told by the bank that I can't open a checking account. I'm not married to a Philippines citizen so that leaves me to ask if It is possible to get a joint account with a citizen here? I don't have a phone number to call for this question and I figured maybe someone on this site has experience with this matter.


As I can recall, you have relatives married to a Filipina? I think you can have a joint account with her..

Note it should be "and" not "or".. After that you let her have pre signed some of checks for you not to be hassle every now and then.. Checking account is intended for business and personal but for Citizen and Resident Alien only.

Thanks a bunch.... I'll get right on that.

Hmm? All BPI wanted was my social security # to put my name on my fiance's account. Am I missing something?

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