Cancelling employment pass... then re-entering Malaysia

I wonder if anyone can help me. I am shortly to leave Malaysia for good. My employer's HR guy said that I must exit Malaysia immediately after my last day of employment and that I MUST fly out. I only wanted to go to Singapore which is a half hour's car journey away - but no, apparently I must present a flight ticket!

Anyhow, the point is that I want to re-enter Malaysia as a tourist before leaving for good and moving on to my next destination. I was wondering if there would be any minimum period of exit required before re-entry. I've heard some stories of people doing visa runs getting into trouble - well, this isn't exactly a visa run but it has me concerned as I would be returning within days of my "final" exit.

Preferably, I would just stay on without exiting the country at all so is it possible to get a regular tourist visa without leaving the country upon expiry of my employment pass? I'm a UK citizen by the way; normally, we get a 90-day entry to Malaysia. Thank you in advance to anyone who can advise.

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