New in cologne : Looking to make friends (who speak English)

Hi everyone,
I'm Adi. I'm here in Cologne doing an internship with an IT company and have been here for the past couple of months.
Originally I come from New Delhi, India, but I have been living in the USA for the past year. I live in Gainesville, Florida . There I study at the University of Florida and am pursuing my Master's degree in Computer Science. After I complete my internship I will go back to the US to complete my Master's degree.
In the past, I also lived in Russia and Taiwan for some time, So I can say I have had the opportunity to explore different cultures and always love to share my experiences.
Anyways, I'm looking to meet some people and make some friends - which is tough when you don't speak any German and work full time
Or maybe it's not hard but I'm used to making friends in school but I've left them all behind in the US so it's time for a new strategy. ;)
Anybody have any tips or, alternatively, anybody want to do stuff? I'm interested in seeing the sights, eating good food, going bar hopping, etc. or maybe other things that I haven't thought of. I know there are many museums and I haven't been to any of them yet!

Hello and welcome to Adi

I invite you to subscribe to the Networking in Cologne section of the site to be notified whenever other members are looking for meet ups around.

You can also participate on recent threads in that section too to increase your chances to meet other expats around


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