should I re apply for Namibian citizenship? My husband got job offer

My husband and I want to move to Namibia. I was born in Namibia and raised in namibia, because my parents are namibians. I got married in South Africa and have 2 children over the age of 18. My children's father also was a Namibian citizen. We want to move to Namibia.

My husband was offer a job in Namibia but we don't know if he will be allow to work there, so we don't know were to start. Must we have to apply for a works permit for my husband and did I have to re-apply for citizenship for Namibia, I didn't sign my Namibian citizenship of when I move to South Africa. I still have my birth certificate but lost my Namibian Id and Passport in a fire.

Now I want to know how it works? What is I am suppose to do? What paper work everything

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