Alahli club International Chess Tournament

Alahli club is organizing Chess championship tournament in Jeddah and interested people may register through below link.

Since website is all in Arabic so I have translated important details from this page

"International Al-Ahli Club Chess Championship August 19 to 20, 2016 - Jeddah - Saudi Arabia's Al-Ahli club headquarters - 1. prize tournament fifty thousand riyals -2- tournament starts on Friday at four o'clock in the number of mobile phones Asra.3- nine rounds 4. round time of 20 minutes with the addition of five seconds with each Nqlh.5- tournament is open to all ages and nationalities. 6. tournament approved by FIDE.
Note: If you get stuck in the register on the site you can register at the tournament by email (saudi-chess[at] or by whats app (0545300313) by sending a English name, nationality, date of birth, and the players who have the numbers of international only send name and international figure."

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