Is looking beautiful important!

Does Looking beautiful means ….. Wearing clean clothes! Expensive clothes!, Make up! Or Looking confident. Ultimately it means presenting a good image of ourselves in front of others. The first look plays a very psychological role in other’s people mind. It creates an identity in the mind. An outlook of a person from a physical appearance can be deceptive too.

Selfie or good photos are shot just to put in the social networking sites. Such photos welcome a lot of comments such as “Wow, fabulous, Gorgeous, Superb, Wonderful and the list goes on”.

Is looking beautifully really important! Every day advertisement is a reminder of various available products in the market to polish our looks whether its hair, teeth, face or anything. Let’s take an example, If a shirt is displayed in a shop, different people buy different color with the same design. It’s because particular colour, deep down their mind make him/her looks beautiful or smart.  Ultimately we are humans, we are privileged species. Giving importance to oneself definitely adds a charm to the appearance. Race doesn’t define beauty. Beauty is what makes eyes appreciate and brains reciprocate. You might have noticed that whenever an old photograph comes to our acquaintances, we first talk about “how was I looking at that time”!

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