Address change and student visa extension in another state/university


I'm a Finnish who arrived in Rio de Janeiro on January to do a exchange semester in private university. Then I decided to apply for another six months to USP in São Paulo and luckily got accepted.

I moved to São Paulo two weeks ago and thought I could do my visa extension application here but here what has happened so far..

Yesterday I went to the Federal Police here in São Paulo to do my student visa extension and they said I have to go to Rio de Janeiro and quickly since my visa will expire in 23 of August and I should do that application a month before.

So I took a night bus to Rio and there Federal Police told me today that I have to do the extension in São Paulo?? They said (if I understood right) that I have to change my address first and then apply for visa extension, which now make some sort of sense. But I don't understand why they didn't tell me that here in São Paulo.

I do not speak Portuguese very well so now I would like to verify from you did I understand right?

So all in all, now I need to change the address first before Federal Police of São Paulo can handle my visa extension application, that is how the system works? I'm so tired that I don't trust to my understanding anymore.

I found some instructions here how to do the change of address but because I do not have so much time I would like to be sure with this. I received a paper from Policia Federal in Rio which says how I do this "mudanca de endereco", but it says only:

-Requerimento 154
-1 foto 3x4
-Comprovante de residência: Água, luz, telefone fixo ou gás
-Cópia da CIE ou do protocolo

Obs. Se o comprovante de residência estiver em nome de outra pessoa, declaracao do mesmo com firma reconhecida por autenticidade e copia do RG.

Mapa do site para Agendamento:

(I share everything in case someone else is wondering what they want in Rio de Janeiro)

I was looking for a form or instructions of that "requerimento 154" from policia federal website but didn't find anything. I started to wonder is it the same document I filled out when I applied for the visa extension ( ) ?? So I can use the same filled paper to change my address I was about to use when I went to extend my visa yesterday? Or what is it?

I live in apartment with the original house owner so I pay only the rent for him, so does that "obs. Se o comprovante..." mean same as Declaração de Residência? So I can print this kind of form … a-51585804 and fill it with the house owner and finally authorize it? That's it?

This address change is now my first concern, if someone could help me with this I could then continue to the student visa extension problem.

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