I'm a photojournalist. I have traveled to the Santo domingo many  times to cover events primarily Carnaval. However, I've traveled  to other parts of the country as well. I speak enough to manage the basics. I also have friends there. Trusted friends. I tried the dating game but it's not something that works well unless I live there (or can be there for 30 days or more) and so I'm looking at moving there only  to rent a house long term until I'm well adjusted after which I could look in to buying. I'm retired from the military. I have $usd3,000.00 income per month not including my photojournalism income. What I want: a nice home with ac or fans, a pool and master bedroom suite and two bathrooms.

Can anyone guide me as to how to acquire a rental property like this and what would something like this cost me per month rent? I am not interested in living among tourists. I know enough of the climate and people to blend comfortably.

First welcome to the forums! Sounds like you know exactly what you want. Renting and trying before making a big commitment is the way to go.

Where is it you want to live?  Renting a furnished place will be more expensive AND you will have less options outside the expat and tourism areas.  Renting unfurnished is very doable almost anywhere.

Let me know areas and I will try to help.

Welcome to the forum.
First decide where you want to live then spend a week or so in a hotel while you look for your rental place.  There is a lot to choose from and your best bet to find one is boots on the ground.
Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

Bob K

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You may want to check out rental adverts in our section Housing in Dominican Republic


Favorite areas, sports, weather? The island does provide quite a variety to choose from so it depends what you prefer to do.

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