Feeling Good or Feeling Bad

An addendum to my previous reply to: “adjusting to the climate in China.”

For the past four months I have been living in Guiyang.  I mentioned in my previous post that since I moved to Guiyang I had progressively felt worse from month to month.
I have just recently discovered what I believe to be the underlying reason for these problems.  I previously attributed my declining medical condition to air quality, pollution and altitude of Guiyang.  Although, these could be part of the overall problem, they are not the driving force causing my decline.

I have always tried to eat a healthy diet and maintain some balance of exercise.  I will not go into my education history and past medical experience but I will say that I have always been cognizant of what I eat and drink. 
Living in China is a choice we all make for whatever reasons and that of course is our own business.
Besides the obvious heavy metal contamination in the drinking water, the same is in some of the vegetables and other foods we eat. 
I gave a lecture a few years ago to the Guangdong Environmental Protection Agency in Guangzhou. You know, the same folks that are responsible for attempting to keep us all safe.
For years everyone that I talked with were always so adamant that simply boiling the tap water would make it safe to drink.  So, I tested the water during the lecture.  The sample taken from the tap was .450 PPM(parts per million) of the stuff you couldn't see with your eyes. The World Health Organization recommended that we stay below .060PPM.  Mainly, heavy metals.  Stuff like aluminum, lead, tin, cadmium, zinc, and arsenic, DDT.  Obviously, the stuff you don't want in your body.  You can't just pee out these types of heavy metals and poisons, they hang around in places like your heart, liver, kidneys and brain and sooner or later begin their destructive spiral.
I took the water sample that I tested, boiled the water and asked the audience if it was safe to drink, all confirmed it was.
I then took an ionizer, put it into the glass of previously boiled water and plugged it in the electrical outlet.
After two or three minutes the positive and negative ions in the water began to do what they do when electricity is added.  The positive and negative ions began to attract to each other, clinging together to become visible to the naked eye.  Within five minutes, there was a mixture of blackish, tan, green and red looking stuff floating on top of the glass.
The outside of the glass had become hot to the touch.
I gave the glass of water and accumulated smelly stuff to a lady in the audience, smiled and said have a drink. (Gangbei).
Remember, the tea you are drinking and some coffee shops do dot filter the water for heavy metals.  I have tested the water in many restaurants in Guangzhou and various other venues in China.  I'm sorry to say, most all tested high. 
And yes, for the skeptics out there, lemon, any citrus added to water, and water with various minerals will also test high with a PPM testing device.
But my money is on the heavy metal toxicity considering where we are, the average daily pollution index in most cities, number of people, and just flat out disregard for public safety.

Now to move on with my most recent health problems and I will get straight to the point.

Formaldehyde… Yep, this potent embalming chemical is used to keep vegetables nice and crisp and keep them from spoiling.
I should have known better but this goes to show you how easy it is to let your guard down and stop thinking about the things you should be thinking about.  Especially, if you have as many years in China as I do. 
I must admit I got lazy with my precautions when considering what to eat for dinner tonight. 
I had been at my place in the Philippines for seven months.  Clean air, clean water from my well in my backyard.
I returned to China.  Within two weeks, I'm sick.  I had no energy, no desire to do anything.  So, for now I am drinking skim milk from New Zealand, .000 PPM water, egg whites that I am praying are ok and imported oatmeal.  I am also using MetrX protein that supposedly comes from the states, but even that is a huge question mark.

It's been another long day in China…


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