reconnaissance du diplôme et autorisation d’exercer votre profession

Hello people

I would like to know who of you have managed to have your diploma and your professional experience abroad recognized in Luxembourg? Its all for a job in a luxembourg public institution, apparently as my profession here is "réglementée" (i have a bachelors in biology and i have experience as laboratory technician) i have to ask a reconnaissance and eventually an official authorization to work as a "laborantin" in Luxembourg. Theoretically I have all the papers necessary for this demand (original diplomas and certificates), the thing is they ask the following: "Toutes les copies de diplômes, certificats, bulletins, ainsi que la pièce d'identité émises par des pays hors Union européenne (UE) doivent être certifiées conformes à l'original par une autorité habilitée à cet effet (administration communale, ambassade ou consulat)." Is that certification simple to do? Has anyone had a previous experience? I believe its as simple as going to your consulate with the originals, showing them, and having your copies stamped with a tampon that certifies its a faithfull copy of the original. But maybe its different....

I would also like to know if the process at the Service de la reconnaissance des diplômes du Ministère de l'Education nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse is as slow as they say (3 months).

If so, definitely i will loose the opportunity of been suitable for that oh so perfect job.

I hope I will get some replies,

Take care!

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