Finding family accommodation in Suzhou

Does anybody know  of a reliable real estate agent we can go to for family accommodation in Suzhou? We are based at the Dushu Lake Educational Town, and are considering a long-term posting. However, this depends very much on accommodation. At the moment we have been put up in student accommodation, which is not suitable at all.

Hi mulgrave3170,

Maybe you should contact a real estate agency.
Here is a small list : Real estate in China.

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Greetings from Beijing.

I have a good friend in Suzhou and I'll be pleased to ask him.

Please describe the kind of accommodation you need, furnished/unfurnished, how many rooms, type of kitchen, modern or Chinese, bathrooms, western or Chinese, balcony, location, parking, and your expected rent, in a range.  Do you have a pet?



Hi David,
Thanks so much for your kind offer. We are looking for something reasonably close to Dushu Higher Ed Town. Ideally, this is what we are after:

Clean, modern western-style house
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms (one with shower AND bath)
2 fully functioning western toilets (that can take toilet paper!)
Fully equipped western-style kitchen with oven, and plenty of cupboard space.
Bright, with lots of light and space.
Fully functioning air con and heating
Properly installed (and safe) electrical outlets
Laundry room

I know I'm asking for a lot, but with two children we need to be comfortable. My last request may seem a bit strange, but ideally we want something without too many floor tiles. The ones in our current apartment are terribly hard and make my feet ache constantly!

We would be looking for something that we can rent for three years.

Again, many thanks for your help!

Greetings on a sunny and pleasant early Beijing evening.

I have just sent your requirements to my friend.  With luck, we'll hear back shortly.



Many thanks David from a very wet Suzhou!!!

Good morning.  Here is the information sent by my friend in Suzhou.

Senior's Expert Villa, 23 houses near Dushu Lake with clubhouse and children's fairground. The person here did not know current availability. She said to phone Robert (who speaks English) at 0512 6286 7074 or 136 5622 9342.

I hope this helps.

Regards from Beijing,


Hi David,
Many thanks for the email. We were already. Aware of the villa and have got that as an option. Unfortunately, though, as there are only 24, they tend to be fairly well occupied.

If your friend hears of any other options over the next 5-6 months (we would have to be back in February), we would love to know about them.

Take care,

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