Childs birth cert & passport. UK father/Vietnamese mother

Hello all,

I'm interested to learn of recent experiences of obtaining birth certs and passports.

My daughter was born in August 2013.
My wife and I were not married at the time of birth but the whole process for birth certs and Vietnamese and UK passports was painless with no issues. My daughter carries my family name, All I was asked was to write a letter confirming my daughter was mine and they wanted to see entry/exits stamps in my passport.

Fast forward to end of May 2016 and we are lucky to have a healthy baby boy born in HCMC.

The process for registering birth for him to carry my family name has become less straight forward - Either DNA tests required or Legalising UK marriage certs with stamps for HCMC consulate and HCMC foreign affairs

My wife has been told we must choose the nationality upon registering birth and process birth cert.
Is this new as I don't remember doing this for my daughter?
Does the 'Agreement on Childs Nationality' form required to be stamped by the UK embassy?
Will it effect him claiming a UK passport if we agree he is Vietnamese?
I'm sure he would not be allowed a Vietnamese passport is we decide he is British.  My understanding is Vietnam do not consider dual nationality but the UK do

How long does it take to get the birth cert in hand after submitting all the required papers?

Child nationality agreement example

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