Helped Set Up New Language School in Phnom Penh 1994

First came to Phnom Penh in 1994 to set up the now defunct American Academy of Language Arts, now grown and known by another name and other owners.

Left Cambodia in Spring '95. Came back to work at ACE. Left after election observer stint in '98 and lived in US for the next several years but visited Cambodia and SE Asia in summers.

Later in 2010 worked in Battambang every winter term until 2012. Then worked in Vietnam.

Built single driver loudspeakers and paired those with little amplifiers and sold or gave away a few nice sounding desktop systems. (My passions are books, music, audio, and photography and I'm 67 so been doing all these things since I was 19, except for building loudspeakers).

Now I would like to leave SE Asia a while and go to the US, get a job, and listen to my LPs.

A few other things and many stories from the old days when P.Penh's air was clean and traffic was almost nonexistent.

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