Things to do in Havana (Churches of Havana) (Culture)

Havana’s ancient Churches and Convents

A view at some of the historical and centenarian churches, monasteries, convents and religious schools of Havana, Cuba.
There is a deep religious tradition in Cuba. There are many temples, mainly Christian-Catholic, due to the influence transmitted by the centuries of Spanish colonization.  The vast majority are Majestic ancient buildings, many are very well preserved. Various of these temples are real monuments and jewels of our history, visited and admired by people of all beliefs.

Due to many years of religious restrictions by the Cuban authorities, the expulsion of most of the clergy in 1961, the nationalization of religious schools and over fantasized Hollywood films, most people think that the religion of Cuba is a syncretized mixture of African influence but, the true faith of the Cuban people lies with the teachings of Christianity and the traditional Catholic church since the discovery of the island in 1492.

There is a wide practice of syncretism, mysticism and Spiritism in Cuba, among black and white Cubans alike but, the Cuban people are in general and, in its majority, Christian-catholic and protestant.

  Since the restrictions of religious activities and adoration were lifted in the 1990’s, churches in Cuba have regained hundreds of thousands of its members and everyday more and more Cubans are
re-discovering their Christianity, a faith which, by the rites of  syncretism in Cuba, those who practice it, must be part of the Christian church and baptized as a Christian.

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